More information about the comic and its setting

Character Classes

Humans: Most humans don't have magic abilities of their own, but may be able to acquire them, and could become any other character class. They are vulnerable to vampires, ghosts and demons. One of the primary duties of mages is to protect humans from them.

Mages: There are two general classes of mages, with the same capabilities overall, but different origins and practices.

Traditional mages tend to be more specialized than neo-class mages, due to the time it takes to master one form of magic, while neo-class mages tend to be more versatile.

Both groups are involved in various factions.

Time Travelers: A class of specialized mages whose duties are to watch over history itself, and protect the space-time continuum. Some of their knowledge is beyond human comprehension. In practice, the time travelers are highly academic, and mainly use their powers for their duties, and to recover lost knowledge. There are some restrictions to the extent that they can use their powers. Time travelers usually avoid using their powers to the fullest extent that they're allowed to, because the past can be changed, often with unintended consequences and damage to space-time which they'd be held liable for. In battle, they have a comparable amount of raw power as traditional mages, but specialize in manipulating time. They tend to be good at ranged attacks, and are very fast, and can teleport, but poor at melee attacks and have low defense.

All time travelers are supposed to be brought up under the supervision of the Time Traveler Academy, which in turn pledges its loyalty to the Magic Gatekeepers. However, there have been some renegade time travelers with differing motives for breaking away from the academy. The time travelers as a whole see a need for balancing order and chaos, light and darkness.

Magic Gatekeepers: The four mages of the highest order. They regulate the space-time continuum, the distribution of magic, the balance of power between all of the character classes, and oversee the cosmic and magical court systems to punish those whom misuse their powers. They are the sole judges, jurors, and executioners of the highest cosmic court, which puts any being on trial who misuse their powers in a way that is a direct threat to the space-time continuum. Along with their administrative duties, they wield the four superweapons in order to guard the gates of space-time, and to fight against otherworldly horrors that threaten it.

They have by far the greatest amount of raw power, but aside from using their power to fight otherwordly horrors in other dimensions, they can only use their offensive power in the human/mage world when space-time is under imminent threat of disaster.

Meta: A class of beings akin to the Time Travelers, but with power over the metaphysical realm. They have knowledge of the true nature of the universe, which is beyond human comprehension, and are the only ones aside from the Magic Gatekeepers whom can outright break the fourth wall. These are powers that must be used very carefully. They are nearly invincible, but have little attack power of their own.

Super Soldiers: (mostly) Humans turned into combat-enhanced superhumans mages through a combination of magic and cybernetics. They have a great amount of raw power, and melee capabilities, but it comes at a price.

Ghosts: Many ghosts still lurk in the human/magic world, and in fact, they outnumber humans and mages in Confusion! Some ghosts are good while others are evil. For many ghosts, their strength comes from what ties them to the human/magic world; often grief, desire for revenge, or desire to get an unresolved issue from their lifetime resolved. Ghosts are powerful but also vulnerable, with their biggest threats being ghost-eating demons, and other evil ghosts. The longer they stay in the human world, the stronger they can get, but it's very risky.

Vampires/Demons: Two closely related classes associated with darkness and chaos. Vampires and demons share many of the same traits, but vampires have super strength and super speed, and they get their power from humans' or mages' life forces, whether from stealing their victim's blood, or a part of the victim's soul, or part of their life force directly.

Paladins: A highly specialized and prestigious class of mages that harness the element of light, healing spells, and the power to purify or banish. They have high magical and melee attack power, are resistant to vampire and demon attacks, but their ability to actually fight is limited by their code of conduct.