June 11th, 2017, 11:24 am

Hiatus update 6/11/17

Magical Renegades has been on hiatus for about a month, and I've been spending that time building up a page buffer while adjusting to going back to work full-time.

Up to page 106 is finished, and the next 5 pages after it are in the process of being colored and shaded. My goal is to at least get all of chapter 4 finished before resuming updates. Chapter 4 will end on page 108, so I'm mostly there towards meeting that goal. Adjusting to working full-time again, I'm having to assess how much time and energy I can spend working on Magical Renegades during the week each day. The hiatus doesn't have a set end date yet, but should be within the next few weeks, because I need to make sure I have enough of a page buffer built up when getting out of hiatus that I can continue to update each week. Thanks for your patience, readers! I neglected posting my twitter account because I've been too busy with my job, and working on the next pages because I want to get out of hiatus as soon as I can.

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