June 27th, 2013, 11:56 pm

This is probably the worst possible time to announce this, but...

I decided to completely rewrite and overhaul the first two chapters (but chapter 3 and afterwards will remain as-is) because the first two chapters are so badly-paced, introduced little in the way of plot in 54 pages (make that 60 pages including the intermission after chapter 2), and the ideas could have been executed a lot better, and they seem out of place. It's not a good sign when this story, said to be of the magical girl genre, didn't become so until the 3rd chapter. My experience with webcomics has been full of trial and error. -_-

At the time I wrote chapter 1 (which was actually in 2008; what you see dating to late 2010 is a revamp of the art), I didn't actually have anything in the way of character classes or magic systems other than Aurora being a time traveler, and I came up with a lot of those details as I was working on chapters 3-5.

How to rewrite them came easily to me. I already have the first 8 pages sketched. The chapter 1 rewrite will show and mainly focus on Aurora going back in time, and her intervention with the past, covering details that should have been covered in the first place. There will also be less focus on the student president election because that plot point didn't really go anywhere, when I originally expected it to.

The rewrite will be here: http://magical-renegades-redux.smackjeeves.com/

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