June 20th, 2011, 2:42 pm

Chapter 2 finished!

Just got the last page up, and it feels great getting this chapter finally done! :D

Currently, I'm working on the first few pages of chapter 3, and the transitional or intermission pages between the chapters. For the sake of simplicity, and time, the intermission pages will only be sketched. I'll save the vector work for the main pages.

I might take a short hiatus after the intermission pages are done in order to catch up on making a page buffer. While I've managed to go this far without one, I don't think I can keep that up for much longer. The constant fear of schedule slips have at some points gotten to me.

Whether or not I end up going on hiatus, I'll still make a new layout for the Insanity Force site, and preview some new characters, costumes and plot elements!

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