p.154: Dazed and confused! Christina's urgent question!

February 7th, 2019, 8:35 pm

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February 7th, 2019, 8:35 pm


Christina got herself back together and remembered what she wanted to do next! Visiting Ima's office, Christina asks why she hasn't been allowed to leave the citadel.

Sorry for the late update. I'm trying to get my update schedule back on track yet again. It was doing better the few times in a row I updated on Saturdays instead of trying to update on Sundays. It's better for me to get it out of the way instead of waiting until the last few hours. When I miss a weekend update, it often slips my mind during the week because of work, even when I keep trying to remind myself. This is a habit I've been trying to overcome since I went back to work full-time.

For some good news, I got a newer phone a few days ago, and I'm happy because it's much faster than the phone I've been using for years. My old phone became too slow to load some websites, and webcomic sites were too slow to load on it, so I couldn't read comics on my work break. Now I have a chance to!


May 22nd, 2019, 1:46 am


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