Characters are currently listed in the order than they first appeared.

For information on the character classes, see the "Character Classes" section on the "Setting" page.

Due to the effects of time travel, some characters have drastically different backstories across timelines. The first timeline is before Aurora intervened in the past. The second timeline is when she intervened, and overwrote the first one, and the third timeline is when Ima intervened, and overwrote the second one.

Aurora Borealis

Mage alter-ego codename: Renegade Midnight

age: 25 / height: 170 cm (5'7") / hair color: blonde / eye color: lilac

first appeared: p.01

class: Time traveler/neo-class mage

weapon: Soaring High Altair / default weapon form: Ray gun

Aurora is one of the protagonists. She is a 9th year student at the Time Traveler Academy, but dislikes studying, and yearns for adventure, wanting to take action instead of just reading about time travel mechanics in a book. She is adventurous, idealistic, and wants to be the hero right here, and right now. Currently, she is AWOL from the academy, and had left in favor of training on her own, and has spent years in different time periods. This makes her very powerful for a student of her rank, but very reckless.

She went back in time to 1884, to stop an evil faction from taking over Confusion, and to prevent the power struggle that happened afterwards. In this timeline, she met Susie Mae, and made her a mage so they could team up against the evil faction, and save tens of thousands of lives. They were the co-founders of the Magical Renegades. However, something went amiss, and the power struggle still happened. Because she went AWOL from the academy, and due to the collateral damage she has caused, she is a wanted fugitive by them and the Magic Gatekeepers.

In the current timeline, she is looking to find Susie Mae again, to recruit her and other mages into the Magical Renegades to oppose Ima's faction, The League of Paine. She is also on the run from the League of Paine and is a wanted fugitive by them.

Susana "Susie Mae" Montoya-Iniguez

Mage alter-ego codename: Renegade Liberty

age: 21 / height: 153 cm (5'0") / hair color: burgundy / eye color: brown

first appeared: p.01

class: Human/neo-class mage

weapon: Quasar Pistol Star (default form) / Pistol Star ~ The Quasar That Shall Blast Through The Universe and Beyond (supercharged form) / default weapon form: Pistol / supercharged form: Rocket launcher

An ordinary farmer turned vigilante and historical legend.

In the original timeline: She risked her life to infiltrate the inner circle of the Minions of Nemesis after they took over Confusion. She assassinated their leader, and successfully overthrew them, but a power struggle erupted and cost many lives.

In the second timeline: Shortly before the Minions of Nemesis were to overthrow and assassinate the royal family of Confusion in 1884, Aurora intervened, telling her about the overthrow that was to happen, and that she could prevent it if she became a mage. She was skeptical of Aurora's claims at first, and wanted to continue living a normal life. But with so many lives, and the whole country at stake, she agreed to become a mage. She and Aurora were revered for averting this takeover, but the power struggle that they tried to avert still happened.

In the current timeline: She briefly teamed up with Ima to thwart the Minions of Nemesis takeover, but her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Todd Deathmaster

age: ??? / height: 187 cm (~6'2") / hair color: light blue with red tips / eye color: red

first appeared: p.04

class: Mage/demon

Todd is the leader of a faction of rebellious mages aligned with darkness and evil, seeking out the Nemesis anti-superweapon, which was sealed away somewhere in Confusion. An egotistical megalomaniac who was originally human, but granted immense powers of darkness by a benefactor or benefactress who might have ulterior motives of their own.

In the original timeline: His faction staged a hostile takeover of Confusion in 1884, overthrowing the Mallory Family, and murdering most of them. Only a few survivors were left, and went into hiding. Conditions under his rule were terrible, with tens of thousands dying in his short reign. He exploited the population in order to find someone who can find Nemesis and break the seal. His reign lasted for 3 years exactly; Susie Mae murdered him on the 3-year anniversary of his reign, and overthrew his faction. He was powerful, effective with threats to subjugate the populace, and willing to act on said threats. However, he was short-sighted in his plans, incredibly prideful and gullible. Susie Mae and her allies in the resistance took advantage of this, and used deception to kill him.

In the second timeline: His faction attempted to take over Confusion in 1884, but as they approached the Mallory Family's palace, Susie Mae was there, ready to challenge him. But being unfamiliar with her style of magic weaponry, he and his minions retreated, and they weren't a threat ever again. The Minions of Nemesis disbanded, and he died a failure.

In the current timeline: Something changed him between the second and third timelines. Remembering the humiliation, in life and posthumously that he and his minions suffered in the second timeline, they'll be back with a vengeance! Perhaps he's not so gullible this time either, and has found more powerful allies!

The Mallory Family

Reign: 1820 - 1884

The Mallory Family is one of the oldest, wealthiest and most powerful traditional mage families that still has influence in magical society, and can trace its lineage back 1,000 years. Confusion as a country was established in 1812, and when its original system of egalitarianism collapsed in 1820 due to population growth making it unsustainable, they took over leadership as the royal family of Confusion.

In the original timeline, the Minions of Nemesis overthrew the Mallory Family in 1884. In the second and third timelines, they resigned. Although they don't have as much political power they used to have in Confusion, they still retain their wealth and prestige.

Tricia Durden

age: 20 / height: 173 cm (5'8") / hair color: blonde / eye color: teal

first appeared: p.10

class: Human

Tricia is a regular human who is skilled at fighting against ghosts, vampires, and even mages. She is a delinquent that was expelled from school at 16, and was sent to bootcamp. She was given a second, but final chance in school and is currently on academic probation.

She isn't legally employed, and gets her money by stealing dead people's organs to sell on the black market, and sometimes gets paid to protect people from ghosts and vampires. At school, she's involved in organized student brawls, is the head of the school's paintball team, and is one of the hall monitors. No one dares to openly judge her over the fact that she's a 20-year old Junior in high school.

She is snarky and aggressive, and doesn't consider herself to have any real friends, and doesn't try, believing life is every person for themselves and that no one should be trusted. However, some of the nerdier students seem to be drawn to her, believing she's a nerd in denial!

Melody Tian Jin

age: 17 / height: 148 cm (4'10") / hair color: black / eye color: violet

first appeared: p.10

class: Traditional mage

Melody is jokingly described by many as being a hippie. She is from a very old and prestigious traditional mage family famed for their healing abilities, but they've fallen on hard times, and one of the only things keeping them alive is the magic shop they run. However, their business is struggling, since the neo-class mages are at risk of rendering their business, and the traditional mages as a whole, obsolete.

She is very caring and loyal, and doesn't want to hold a grudge against anyone. This puts at odds with both her family, the other prestigious traditional mage families, and the other character classes.

Cam Era

age: 105 / height: 172 cm (5'8") / hair color: brown / eye color: gray

first appeared: p.17

class: Meta

Cam is an energetic and happy-go-lucky, sometimes snarky meta entrusted with the power of being the narrator! She is an Art Deco enthusiast, old movie buff, and photographer. She was an actress in the silent movie era, but now as a meta, she prefers to work behind the scenes. However, what puts her at odds with other meta is that she mainly lives among humans. She is the head of the local high school's A/V and drama clubs.

Kayla Faber

age: 15 / height: 160 cm (5'3") / hair color: blonde / eye color: brown

first appeared: p.17

class: Human

Kayla is technically Katt's sister, and is described as being somewhat more level-headed. She is generally deadpan, skeptical, and likes to snark at everything, but gets excited when she sees shiny objects, and wants to steal them. She's also a notorious prankster, and has kind of a rivalry with Katt.

She is noted as having some unusual abilities. She has knowledge about the Magic Gatekeepers and their rules that aren't known to the general public, and even the Magic Gatekeepers aren't sure how she gained that knowledge.

Kattlanna "Katt" Schrodinger

Mage alter-ego codename: Renegade Red Alert

age: [redacted] / height: 165 cm (5'5") / hair color: brown / eye color: pink (right), orange (left); orange on powered form

first appeared: p.18

class: Super soldier/neo-class mage

weapon: Shooting Star Vega / default weapon form: axe

Katt is one of the "super soldiers", or cybernetically enhanced mages known for their immunity to vampires and zombies, formidable melee abilities, and superhuman stamina in combat. However, she, along with many other super soldiers were decommissioned, having lost the use of her super soldier abilities in battle. She is one of the few who were able to be reintroduced to human society, but wants to get her powers back.

She is cheerful, ambitious, and hot-blooded, but sometimes arrogant, and too eager to pick a fight. She is part of her school's science club, and anime/manga club. Since she is a super soldier, created from a fusion of science and magic, she sees no conflict in being in the science club and wanting to be a mage.

When she was reintroduced to human society and transferred to the school, she started at the bottom of the social ladder, but climbed her way up, and won the election for student president. Her vendetta against Ima came from challenging her when she ran for re-election; Katt feared losing everything that she worked so hard to gain, although some of her means were questionable. She is a self-admitted anti-hero whose main motivation is to the challenge the super soldier faction get her powers back, then to challenge Ima to a fight and overthrow her.

In the third timeline, after Ima reboots the space-time continuum, Katt becomes a neo-class mage, and teams up with Aurora to be part of the Magical Renegades.

Alicia Venganza

age: 18 / height: 168 cm (5'6") / hair color: purple-red gradient / eye color: yellow

first appeared: p.18

class: Time Traveler

Alicia is part of the school's drama club. She is silly and energetic, and also performs as a freelance musician and poet. Some suspect she has a darker side to her than she's letting on, but what do they know? She is a time traveler, but had left the Time Traveler Academy for reasons that are as of yet unknown, and prefers to spend her time among humans, performing as a musician and impressing them with historical facts only a time traveler would know.

Chelsea Daisy Mallory III

age: 17 / height: 163 cm (5'4") / hair color: green / eye color: blue

first appeared: p.19

class: Traditional mage

Chelsea is a descendant of the family that used to rule as Confusion's royal family. Some traditional mages from other elite families think she's disgracing her own family by interacting with "commoners", by living mostly among humans, but she finds the local public school more fun to be at.

She is very air-headed, gullible, loves to buy unnecessarily expensive things, and talk about it all the time to anyone who will listen. She is one of the most popular students in the school, presumably because of her wealth and royal ancestry, which combined with her gullibility, makes her one of Ima's closest friends. She is looking for real friends, but doesn't know the difference between real friends, and those who like her for her money and lineage.

In the current timeline, she serves in the League of Paine as the ambassador between it, and her ancestors.

Ima Paine

age: [redacted] / height: 175 cm (5'9") / hair color: light blue / eye color: cyan

first appeared: p.20

class: Time traveler / neo-class mage

previous weapon: Shining Sirius / default weapon form: Rapier

current weapon: Devourer of Injustice Fomalhaut (stolen from Mia) / default weapon form: Staff

Ima is a renegade time traveler who never enrolled in the Time Traveler Academy, and instead trained herself for a number of years. She is very charismatic, bold, vain, and has a fondness for flashy and elaborate fashion, with rococo fashion being her favorite. In the second timeline, she transferred to the local high school, posing as a human student to seek out recruits for The League of Paine. During her short time there, she ran for student president against Katt, who was running for re-election, and they quickly became each other's arch-rival.

After the election, Ima used her power to go back in time to stop the overthrow and assassination of the Mallory Family. She "negotiated" with them into resigning so she could become dictator. She then crashed the space-time continuum, and created the third, and current timeline that the story takes place in. During this time, she stole the Fomalhaut superweapon from Mia, and gave up her original neo-class mage weapon.

Claire Unda-Standen

age: [redacted] / height: 156 cm (5'1") / hair color: light brown / eye color: hazel

first appeared: p.22

class: ???

Claire is the local high school's cooking teacher. She is scatterbrained, and prone to missing obvious details, but is well-liked by the students, whom she is protective of.

 photo monicaportrait1_zpsz6fqbfbr.png


age: [redacted] / height: 177 cm (~5'10") / hair color: gray-purple / eye color: silver

first appeared: p.24

class: Super Soldier

Formerly a high ranking official in the super soldier faction, Monica defected in favor of the League of Paine. She took her insider knowledge with her, and serves as the head the League of Paine's military intelligence department. When off-duty, she is the head of the local school's dodgeball team. She likes collecting swords, working with technology (sometimes...), and is a military history buff.

She gets along well with Ima, but can't stand being around Chelsea, and is both a friend and rival to Tricia.

Claudia Montoya-Iniguez

age: 18 / height: 167 cm (5'6") / hair color: pink / eye color: brown

first appeared: p.25

class: Human/neo-class mage

Claudia is Susie Mae's younger sister, who is soft-spoken, socially awkward, and means well, but is resentful over being overshadowed by her older sister, Susie Mae. She felt like she had to play second fiddle to her for her whole life.

She used to be a regular human, but she had access to a time machine in the second timeline. She liked to bring her peers artifacts from "the future", but she got stuck in the 2000's when her time machine broke down one day.

In the current timeline, she became a neo-class mage, and received her weapon from Ima. She was appointed the head of the communication and information department in the League of Paine, and although reluctant to take on that specific role, she feels like it is an honor to be within Ima's inner circle, getting the recognition that she feels was denied to her for so long.


age: ~4,000 / height: 165 cm (5'5") / hair color: black / eye color: orange

first appeared: p.31

class: Magic Gatekeeper

weapon: Merciless Hunter of the Wicked Aldebaran

Thutmose is the oldest of the Magic Gatekeepers, and one of the oldest mages altogether that remains in the human/mage world instead of passing onto the ghost world when he originally died. That he didn't was a huge taboo. He is very deadpan in his mannerisms and his formal-sounding speech, contrasting with the other Magic Gatekeepers. Being as old as he is, and much older than even them, he feels like he has seen it all. He thinks they don't take their duties seriously enough, and they think he has no sense of humor.

Aiko Kuruijini

age: ~1,150 / height: 155 cm (5'1") / hair color: red / eye color: yellow

first appeared: p.31

class: Magic Gatekeeper

weapon: Gatekeepers' Crown Jewel Regulus

Aiko is generally cheerful and energetic, and is the most sociable of the Magic Gatekeepers. She seems like the most approachable, but can be passive-aggressive, and often speaks with sarcasm. She can show a serious side when even surprises the other Magic Gatekeepers, who think she's too cheerful, but she thinks they're too grumpy.


age: ~1,500 / height: 213 cm (7'0") / hair color: dark blond / eye color: red

first appeared: p.31

class: Magic Gatekeeper

weapon: Superstar Lancer Antares

Ragnar is very intimidating, but dislikes being so intimidating because it discourages others from challenging him. He is short-tempered and eager to fight, and wants to find worthy opponents, but he is disgruntled that his duties as a Magic Gatekeeper have to come first. The others think he cares too much about fighting, but he thinks they're insufferable bureaucrats that only care about holding up rules for the sake of rules.

Mia Dolores

age: ~1,000 / height: 170 cm (5'7") / hair color: blue / eye color: ???

first appeared: p.31

class: Magic Gatekeeper

weapon: Devourer of Injustice Fomalhaut (stolen from her by Ima)

Mia is prone to bouts of rage, and swears a lot, but has a strong sense of duty and honor. Ima stole her weapon, and she seeks to avenge her own honor in the eyes of the other Gatekeepers. However she hates the code of honor used by them, which kept her from being able to kill Ima and take her weapon back. This leaves her torn between her own sense of honor, feeling useless without her weapon, and adhering to the Gatekeepers' code of honor.

Christina Lovelace-Finnegan

age: 23 / height: 193 cm (6'4") / hair color: orange / eye color: blue

first appeared: p.42

class: Human/neo-class mage

Christina was originally part of a circle of neo-class mages whose techniques were highly influential to future generations, back when their practices were still underground and persecuted under the Mallory Dynasty. In the current timeline, she was recruited into the League of Paine as one of the co-heads of its research and development department. Was she a sell-out?

She is enthusiastic, boisterous and eager to fight, especially if the fight can gather her more research data. She also serves as a maid, a nurse, and a prison warden.

Lily is a distant relative of hers, but they hate each other, but must cooperate due to their loyalties to the League of Paine.

Lily Grendelsdottir

age: ~1600 / height: 155 cm (5'1") / hair color: orange / eye color: yellow

first appeared: p.42

class: Human/demon (half human, half demon)

Lily's past before joining the League of Paine is still as of yet unknown, but she serves as its strategic advisor. She is shy and quiet, and spends most of her time in the palace's library researching. She is conflicted over being half human and half demon.

Christina is a distant relative of hers. They hate each other, but must cooperate due to their loyalties to the League of Paine.


age: 3 / height: 140 cm (4'7") / hair color: blue / eye color: orange

first appeared: p.43

class: Robot

Roberta was originally designed as a killer robot as part of a program developed in the 1880's, but found a new purpose in life as one of the co-heads of the Legion of Paine's research and development department. She is loyal to the League of Paine, and ponders many philosophical things, including the meaning of her existence, and whether or not she has free will, and if she can be more than what she was originally designed to be.

Santana Del Diablo

age: ~2,000 / height: 198 cm (6'6") / hair color: black+red / eye color: red+gold

first appeared: p.52

class: Vampire/Demon

weapon: Blade of the Cursed Mage Algol

Santana is grumpy and sarcastic, and is a very outspoken critic of the Magic Gatekeepers and their system, but hasn't organized a revolt against them because of his duties towards the other demons and vampires. He ended up becoming the most powerful of them, and their leader, but his leadership is questioned even by other demons and vampires since he still has some standards and some semblance of a code of conduct. Centuries ago, he was turned into a demon as curse, and his weapon is also part of his curse.